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New Vintages of COS Whites from Sicily

Today's feature is an oldie but a goodie here at Some Good Wine. Azienda Agricola COS––to be known here on out as simply COS––has been a staple of our Sicilian diet since we opened. As of recent, the winery has moved from working with their original distributor Domaine Select to Polaner Selections. The good news for the consumer, is that the prices are better.

New Vintages of Paolo Bea

It's that time of year again. The new vintages of Paolo Bea have arrived, The wine that made Some Good Wine famous. Paolo Bea is one of those names that almost that has almost become a secret code in the wine consumers world. Not for the un-savvy shopper. Those who speak about it are normally avid collectors who appreciate great values. And while Paolo Bea is not cheap, for what it can do in the cellar over time, there is literally nothing like it. Speaking personally, I have only tried one older one before from 2001 that was still so young; the tannins hit the brakes on my palate as if I came to a red light with a group of school children crossing the street. It had barely aged a day.  The strange thing is that many people still don't know what these wines are capable of, since the amount of pre-2000 that exists in the U.S. is very slim and not many have claimed a taste.