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Patrick Cappiello’s Monte Rio Cellars as Seen in The New York Times

I recently tried these on a whim and was quite impressed. They are natural wines without being too instagramy. Fresh while still being serious. New age yet terroir driven. Overall, they should be tried now!
Are these for you? 
Can't find decent American wines in this price range? Love natural wine? Want to try some new American styles not seen everywhere? Do you like wine?

2018 Patrick Piuze Chablis: The Hits Keep on Coming!

Enter Patrick Piuze. At Some Good Wine we have been huge fans and are one of the top sellers of his wines up and down. The 2018s are a fascinating mix. Overall, they are round and wholesome with the always evolving terroir distinctions. Razor sharp but flirty with their acid and avoiding the mistake of killing the fruit and juicy roundness that when done right, should all come together and make the dimples move into the eyes with carelessness. Good Chablis has a mind of its own and can easily exist as a Chardonnay of exquisite being and uniqueness like the boys down south and when you see the QPR (quality price ratio) there is no reason not to be a Chabliever. (cross between Chablis and believer which I coined a year ago and will use it until something terrible happens to Justin Bieber that makes it no longer funny or relevant.)