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Veda Mushroom Liqueur

by Regal
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Basic Information

Veda is a New York State Mushroom Liqueur made from shiitake mushrooms with 20% alcohol or 40 proof. It contains no added sugar and is delicately sweetened with maple syrup and honey; infused with 15 herbs and spices as well as medicinal plants such as gentian, marshmallow, and mastic. The base is a seasonal rotation of upstate NY starches ranging from potato, corn, fruit, squash to whatever is seasonal and compostable.  


Veda isn't just a liqueur; it's a harmonious fusion of nature's finest offerings and masterful alchemy. The earthy richness of shiitake mushrooms and the age-old sophistication of culinary herbs and spices with the subtle sweetness of all-natural maple syrup and honey. The curated selection of 15 herbs, spices, and medicinal plants including the enigmatic gentian, soothing marshmallow, and aromatic mastic, allows each sip of Veda to be an expedition through a myriad of sensations. Like a walk through the woods of New York State!

What do you do with this?

Veda isn't just a libation; it's a canvas for culinary exploration and mixology mastery. Whether savored neat or on the rocks as an aperitif or digestive, or expertly incorporated into cocktails and spritzers, Veda transcends convention and invites you to unleash your creativity. Its clean, invigorating profile makes it the perfect companion for both casual gatherings and sophisticated soirées, promising to elevate any occasion to a realm of unparalleled refinement. Veda can be used in a wide range of cocktails but is best left to the imagination and innovation of the artist behind the bar.  However, we have found Veda to go best with ginger based cocktails as well as Calvados, dark rum, whiskeys and anything cacao based.