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2021 Gut Oggau Edmund

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Rarissime wild wine that only appears once in a while – like that globetrotting distant cousin whose whereabouts are always impossible to guess until he pops up at your door one day and you spend the weekend talking non-stop.  From winemaker: "“Edmund has come a long way, and we are happy to have this distant relative with us at Gut Oggau. A transient soul. We don’t know how long he will stick around. So, let’s enjoy him while we can. He is an unconventional type. Offbeat. Expressive. A product of the pure, almost untreated surroundings of his home. But beneath the first impression of a maverick who eschews the norms of society, you discover a charming and gentle character. And his Charm will draw you in. Even if you react initially to his unruly appearance. With every sip, you begin to accept his approach to life. To relish the alternative. And embrace the beauty of the unexpected.”