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2017 Domaine Vincent Giraudon Tentation

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This is one of those wines that starts off being a little lackluster and underwhelming.  Not in the way a strong wine needs a decanting, but more in the sense that it kind of sneaks up and grows on you.  At first glance, the nose starts off as pretty and floral but simple, with raspberry fruit and some floral elements.  After about 15 minutes, things really start to open up to the point where it's kind of shocking.  There is this weird and exotic raspberry quality that becomes persistent while the overall tones of the nose become more wholesome, musky with notes of algae and potpourri.  On the palate, it is super exciting (and appetite inciting) with a subtle jam like quality; sensual, layered and centered.  Pretty and austere with persistency yet mysteriousness.  This is a great wine for those who like Beaujolais, Can Franc based wines and even some of the reds from Vallle D'Aosta.