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2014 Chateau Haut-Segottes Saint-Emillion Grand Cru

Original price $ 49.99 - Original price $ 49.99
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$ 49.99
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Raise your hand if you've heard of Cheval Blanc???? The wine at the end of Sideways that Miles drinks out of a Pepsi cup.  Yes, that one.  Normally goes for about $3,000.  Well, I bring this up because Chateau Haut Segottes is neighbored with the legendary Cheval Blanc and is one of the only other Sant Emillions that is a majority Cab Franc.  Is it as good as Cheval Blanc?  Absolutely not.  Would I take 100 bottles of this wine over 1 bottle of Cheval Blanc?  You bet. Maybe even 99.  

This is really a special wine that I have come to love over the years, with serious vintage distinction and incredible ageability for the price.  In fact, in this vintage, I would recommend giving this a little age.  Heavenly smell on the nose that instantly transports you to Bordeaux. More open than other vintages I have had in the past with bright plum, raging burnt tobacco fields, mixed with sage galore and dirt.  Overtime, opens up more and would highly recommend decanting as it is quite closed on the palate.  After a while it gets its legs and becomes lean and mean; fiesty and dirty. If you don't like this, you don't like Bordeaux. A horrible thing to say I know, but this wine is Bordeaux in every way and something you need to try.