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Orange is the New Orange: 2 New Spanish Natural Orange Wines Sure to Make You Sing in the Bathtub!

The popularity of orange wines these days is astonishing. At once there was one in the store and it was hard to sell, now the average customer is coming in looking for it EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Good for us, isn't it? As we have a sick selection with loads of diversity within various price points.  Today we feature two new ones from Spain that are as diverse as diverse can be for orange wines which can vary and fluctuate from a bit oxidative with mild skin contact to cloudy to insanely weird and kombucha like. What have we got today?

2016 Ruben Diaz Finca La Coronilla White
Original Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $21.99
3 Bottle Price: $19.99

Some of you are familiar with the red wines from this producer from previous newsletters. Rubén Díaz is making some of the most exciting natural wine from Spain in recent memory. Natural wine that is not too funky and Instagram friendly, but more of a side note. Apart from the naturalness, these are incredibly unique wines with grapes and from an area still on the cusp of doing great things.

Nose: Insanely weird and complex nose of subtle orange skins with almond oils, citrus oils, algae, caramel and nut mixture.

Palate: Medium bodied with some oily essence, perfume and fleshy fruit character that is more dried than citrus, Smokey elements of the nose come together with grip on the palate and really makes this a food wine. Give me chicken or give me death.  

2018 Microbio Correcaminos Castilla Leon White
Original Price: $23.99
Sale Price: $20.99
3 Bottle Price: $18.99

This wine comes from a distributor that does not like to give a lot of information since the production levels are so small. What I do know is that this is 100% Verdeljo from Castilla Y Leon and we are the only store to carry it.

Nose: Weird melange of citrus oils with campfire marshmallows, rocks, minerals and the world. 

Palate: Okay....this is not your average white wine and if you don't like a little weirdness then perhaps stroll over to Warehouse Wines. This is weird on the palate with succulent flavors that are summer beachiness. Insanely refreshing with a big rip of citrus driven, wholesome acid. So delectable! 

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  • The Microbio Is Not Weird at all, all the conventional/industrial shit is weird. You’re right, it is not your average white wine, it is Real Wine…..average white wine is crap! I like your store, great selection/variety, but I think you should reserve the term “weird” for the shit they sell at Warehouse Wines! Their stuff is truly undrinkable!


    Andrew Krell

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