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New Wines from Ruth Lewandowski

New Wines from Ruth Lewandowski

For those not familiar, first off, what are you doing with your life? Since we opened in 2015, this producer has become one of our cornerstones and is getting not only more popular every year (that's a good thing) but the wines are getting better and better, Second, Ruth Lewandoswki is not a real person.  Third, these are considered some of the best natural wines in the country right now so lucky for everyone, some new ones have arrived just in time for the holidays. I haven't tasted yet, but the notes below are from the distributor and pretty much verbatim what I would have wrote obvoiusly.  
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2021 Ruth Lewandowski White Elimelech
Special Newsletter Price: $34.99
Where did you go to my lovely?   Perhaps you felt the void, while others may not have even noticed...likely distracted by the shiny new 'Tatto' release last year...but we simply didn't bottle a 2019 Elimelech.  I'm not the GREATEST at admitting defeat, but this particular wine absolutely defeated me back in 2019.  Thing went sideways, full squirrel, just kinda gross really annnnnnnnd it was entirely my fault. Dagger.  There was zero chance I'd put my name on it, stand behind it and pour it in your glasses.  So with a tear in my eye I sent it away and vowed I'd do better in 2020.  Here we are with the results of that vow, 2020 Elimelech Cuvée Zero.  I can't tell you how incredibly happy (and relieved) I am to have this wine back. It is, once again, a wine as hauntingly complex and singular as Cole Ranch itself.
2020 Ruth Lewandowski White Chilion
Special Newsletter Price: $34.99
Déjà vu AF.  "Wait, didn't y'all already release the 2019 Chilion?  I swear I got that with the LAST fall release."  You, my friend, are not wrong.  We did release the 2019 already but we're doing it all over again, yay!  You see, for quite some time I've found that when young, Chilion is still quite delicious, but it is after a year in bottle that this wine really begins to hit it's stride.  However, in order to showcase this truth, we would've had to hold it back a year in the cellar and therefore you would've gone an entire year without it. Unacceptable!  The only option was to double production in 2019 (BONUS!), release half of it last year and then the other half this year...right freaking now.  From here on out, you're getting Chilion as I've always wanted to show you and how you never knew you needed it.
2020 Ruth Lewandowski L. Stone Red
Special Newsletter Price: $43.99
I love every wine I make from Fox Hill Vineyard, but I can honestly say that Sangiovese is the 'pièce de résistance.'  This is the third vintage of this wine, my tribute to Lowell Stone (now no longer with us); the man that when asked why he chose to plant all these crazy Italian varieties, could not have put it more simply and poetically than by replying in his calm measured manner, "Well...because I like them."  May this ever be a reminder to do crazy shit simply because we like to.  Thank you, Lowell.

2021 Ruth Lewandowski Naomi Grenache Gris

Special Newsletter Price: $34.99
100% Grenache Gris from 110(+) year old vines at the Historic Gibson Ranch in the McDowell Valley of Mendocino.  I consider myself blessed to even step foot in this ancient vineyard.  How it came to be that I get to pick this fruit and make wine from here is a mystery even to me.   Naomi is our ode to elegance, our exercise in restraint and our white wine paradox.
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