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New Wines from Ignios

New Wines from Ignios

Due to popular demand, the wines of Ignios are back! Finally! 

When Some Good Wine first opened, we had plenty in stock that sold slowly, but once the people caught on, these have become blue chips and we can't keep them on the shelf. 

Borja Perez, a rising star in the Canary Islands’ viticultural scene, loves the land of his native Tenerife. His primary project, Ignios Orígenes, was born in 2011, when Borja was presented the opportunity to buy Baboso Negro and Marmajuelo Blanco vines from La Vizcondesa, a one-hectsare vineyard that is now his jewel. With a deep-seated respect for the indigenous varieties of the Canaries, Borja seized the opportunity. In 2012 he added Listán Negro and Vijariego Negro vines to the project.

Production here is growing but still very small, at less than 600 cases total. The vineyards are farmed organically, the winery is gravity-fed and SO2 level are kept to the absolute minimum.

2016 Ignios Listán Negro
From a vineyard between 15-40 years old, planted on loamy clay soil at 300m altitude. After careful sorting in the field and cellar, cold maceration lasted 3 days
followed by alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks without temperature control. Malolactic fermentation occured in 600L French oak barrels. Aged in oak for
12 months, clarified, and bottled unfiltered.

The intro wine from the group. Medium-bodied and savory with the telltale Canary minerality and saline qualities. Rustic and lush with exotic earth notes and plush fruit. 

2016 Ignios Vijariego Negro
From a 10-year-old vineyard with sandy loam soil at 730m elevation with northern exposure. After careful sorting in the field and cellar, spontaneous fermentation is
carried out for 18 days in concrete tanks without temperature control. Malolactic fermentation is done in 600L French oak barrels, where the wine is aged for 11 months. Clarified and bottled unfiltered.

The grape here is Vijareigo and Ignios is one of a handful who do it as a single varietal. Without being cliche, this wine would be the Pinot Noir of the Canary Islands as the tannins are silky, the body ethereal and the demeanor contemplative. 

2016 Ignios Baboso
From a 22-year-old north-facing vineyard with clay and loam soils at 450m altitude. After careful selection in the field and cellar, the fruit is gently destemmed and
crushed; fermentation is spontaneous, in concrete tank for 18 days. Once pressed, it goes to a 600L French oak barrel for malolactic fermentation and 12 months’ aging. Bottled unfiltered.

"Baboso" translates to "drooling "idiot" which is what you will feel when you smell this wine. Very unique nose like nothing else with a real rich array of dried flowers, potpourri like with grape like candy essence. Wow. Spicy fruit feel on the medium bodied mouth. Intense, alive and unctuous. Highly worth a least once!

2016 Ignios Marmajuelo
From a 22-year-old vineyard composed of loam/clay soil. After careful selection in the field, a gentle pressing is done and the must is cold-settled for 12 hours. The juice
is then racked into a 4-year-old 500L cask, where the alcoholic fermentation takes place with native yeasts; the wine remains in this barrel for 10 months on the lees.
The wine is then clarified and filtered.

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