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New Vintages of Matias Torres: Canary Islands Most Limited and Sought After Wines!

New Vintages of Matias Torres: Canary Islands Most Limited and Sought After Wines!

New Wines from Matias Torres

Totally not picking favorites by any stretch of the imagination, but out of all the wines from the Canary Islands that we carry, none seem to get people as excited as today's offer: Matias Torres. There are a few reasons apart from the obvious fact that the wines are amazing: 1. Matias Torres is the only winery in the Canary Islands solely operated by a women winemaker. 2. It is the only winery in the U.S. from the island of La Palma. 3. She is the only natural winemaker in the Canary Islands. And 4. Every vintage there are new cuvees and names showing how the bunch is totally up for interpretation year in and year out. 

Victoria Torres Pecis is now the sole owner and caretaker of her long time family's winery in La Palma, Canary Islands. La Palma is in the northern part of the archipelago, further west into the Atlantic from the African continent. Like the other islands that form the archipelago, the soils are volcanic, the terrain rugged and uneven, and climactic conditions are extreme. Temperatures soar to volcanic heights, and the vineyards are constantly whipped by Atlantic winds.

Torres's quest for purity takes her from the vineyards she owns in Llanos Negros (a
plot in the southwest side of the island planted with Malvasía Aromática, Sabro, and a bit of Negramoll) all the way to the northern side of the Island, in Tinizara, where the landscape changes radically with lush vegetation and incredible vistas above the sea of clouds. Here she works vineyards at more than 1300m elevation, planted with Negramoll, a variety she has mastered.  Another site, a bleak-looking old vineyard planted on picón called “Las Machuqueras” on the southern slopes of the San Antonio volcano, gives her Negramoll, Diego (aka Bujariego aka Vijariego Blanco), and Listán Blanco. 

All fermentation is done with native yeasts, and temperatures are not controlled. Her wines have a stunning purity and vibrancy, achieved through her patient, meticulous work. These wines are great, but not for the faint of heart. If you're on this newsletter you're probably not drinking Blackstone Merlot, so we need not to worry about people wanting to live on the wild side of like, however, these wines can be weird and erratic, bit overall, quite the trip man. If you're looking for wines that truly encapsulate the soil and place, look  no further. She is your woman!
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2017 Matias Torres Negramol
Newsletter Price:  $30.99
Negramoll is the local name for Tinta Negra, one of the workhorse grapes of Madeira; it is actually much more widely planted throughout the Canary Islands, where there are just over 3,000 acres under vine.  Here, it is used primarily to make red table wines rather than fortified wines.The origin of the grape seems to be in Andalucia, where it is known as Mollar Cano. Negramoll loosely translates to "soft black;" the name "Mollar" comes from the Latin word mollis, meaning soft (perhaps because the berries are soft to the touch.)   This wine is from a mix of her sites, in the northern and southern zones in the island. Partially fermented with whole clusters (about 30%). Thefruit from each site is vinified separately—in American oak, old chestnut barrels and tank—and then blended. Élèvage is in 600L French barrels.

2017 Matias Torres Diego
Newsletter Price:  $34.99
100% Diego, a variety originally from the south of Spain near Granada (where you can occasionally find a few vineyards of Diego red still planted) This is sourced from Los Riveros, a vineyard with planted at 800m of altitude. The vines are 100+ years old. Fermented in stainless steel with wild yeasts without temperature control; part of the wine was made in French barrique.  This is the most benign of the Torres whites. Sort of a cross between Viognier and Roussane with a seemingly saline type, higher acid quality. 


2017 Matias Torres Las Migas White
Newsletter Price:  $25.99
100% Listán Blanco. This wine can be described as a synthesis of all the plots Victoria works on; most of them have Listán Blanco in their original composition. In typical Canary Island fashion, they are sourced from different plots which are situated through a range of altitudes and differ in soil composition as well as exposure. Fermented and aged in concrete; aged on the lees for ten months. Gluey, ripe and exotic with floral notes up the wazoo and herbacious density. 


2017 Matias Torres Sin Titulo
Newsletter Price:  $30.99
"Dialectic of opposites" for those Spanish speakers in the crowd.  Blend of Negramoll from very different sites in the north and south part of the islands. Vine age ranging between 40 - 80 years. Partiallly destemmed with American oak. More dense and foresty than the regular Negromol with weird stewed Moroccan fruit and spices. Acid is ripe but layered. 

2017 Matias Torres Pieles White Field Blend
Newsletter Price:  $29.99
Field blend from a 100 year-old single vineyard (Listan Blanco, Malvasia, Sabro, Vijariego, Gual) with an 8 day maceration in concrete. Raised in old chestnut barrels.

2017 Matias Torres Pieles Monte
Newsletter Price:  $29.99
Blend of mostly Listán Blanco, 15% Albillo and 5% Bujariego with vines ranging from 50-110 year old vines. Direct press, fermented for 60 days, the grapes are added in various stages of this process and aged for 18 months in one 500 liter old chestnut barrel. Most apricot driven of all the whites and the one closest to being an orange wine with nutty concentration and exotic density. 

2017 Matias Torres Malvasia Seca
Newsletter Price:  $37.99
Made in Los Llanos Negros, a western oriented slope with vineyards planted on volcanic lapilli at 200-400 meters of altitude and up to 130 years of age. Fermented in Stainless Steel. Super exotic and perfumed with loads of floral and spice notes. Lovely stuff

2017 Matias Torres 60 Dias
Newsletter Price:  $31.99
First vintage, we haven't tried it due to scarcity. Please do so and let us know what you think.


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