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New Vintages of Fratelli Brovia

New Vintages of Fratelli Brovia

As some are aware, 2014 was a tough vintage in Piedmont. Not for quality, but for supply; with massive amounts of crop being wiped out due to numerous hailstorms and rain. However, for a number of critics, great wine was made this year....just not a lot of it.

Usually around the Fall we release a wide number of Barolos crus from Fratelli Brovia; but believe it or not, in 2014, there are none. The vintage was so short, that there won't be any, and all of the fruit went into one single Barolo called "Unio" -- see below. As a result, today's newsletter will also feature some of other great wines from this producer: one almost Barolo Nebbiolo and two of the best Barberas you will ever have. Those familiar with this producer can testify.

But let's back up a minute: who is this Fratelli Brovia? I discovered this Piedmont wonder a while back when I initially took interest in the idea of "traditional" Barolo. I know this phrase has nowadays become cliche within Piedmont and other areas, but if one is looking for a metaphor to conjure up whatever this term can mean, Brovia is your man. There are very few producers who can display such etherealness in their wines; truly encapsulating the soul of the land. If you haven't tried these wines yet, you are in for a real treat!


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