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L&C Poitout Chablis: A Killer Deal On a truly impressive Chablis

L&C Poitout Chablis: A Killer Deal On a truly impressive Chablis

Few things in wine get me as excited; various Chablis, from the same vintage, with drastically different styles.  There are a number of reasons for this: 1. I am still a bit defensive about the overall, lackluster attitude that many people have towards this great region; treating it with a meh attitude like it's a one season only documentary on Netflix. Chablis is the Stranger Things/Black Mirror of the wine world. I.E., is awesome!

2. Even for those who love Chablis, there is still a lack of recognition with it's diversity. Yes, we hear a lot about this word, not just only in the Oscars. Diversity is amazing within Chablis as it shows the true, artistic representation available. There is so much depth and character. The range of Chablis is like meeting a pair of triplets reunited on Oprah after 30 years. There is so much to know and discover, even if the surface seems the same.

With that said, today's Chablis, is really a character in all of its own. There is a fine dichotomy here between the two best components of Chablis: limestoney acid and maritime essence. The fruit is apparent but more exotic than apple drive roundness. It is interesting and introspective but can still maintain as a summer quaffer.

2015 L&C Poitout Chablis Bonaugure


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