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Insane Sale: Chablis for up to 40% Off!!!

Insane Sale: Chablis for up to 40% Off!!!

2014 Domaine Laroche Chablis
Gotta be honest and I rarely do this: years ago when I tried this wine (think it was the 2012) I was not a fan and never thought I would see the light of day with it again. It was some of the most modern Chablis I had tried to date and was certain it would not last in the U.S. market. Enter 2011 and assistant winemaker Gregory Viennois who worked in Bordeaux and for Chapoutier. 2014 is the first vintage solely under him and BOOM! we are back!  This is real Chablis. Everything I know and love about one of my favorite regions in the world;.
First whiff, it is there! That gorgeous decaying rock smell of limestone, chalk and gravel. Alive, primordial, zesty, feisty and exotic. On the palate it is Chablis central. Party in Chablis. Incredible depth and freshness. If you think of Chablis there is always a dichotomy between freshness and wholesomeness. The latter never or should never etch into the realm of Cotes de Beaune white Burgundy but has the potential to have more fat and texturized flavors. This 2014 Laroche is definitely in the former category but it is not monolithic in a one zest note. There are layers of flavor quite surprising for an AC Chablis.
In any event, did you see the price below? Get a few cases and make your summer complete!!!!
2014 Domaine Laroche Chablis
Original Price:  $27.99
Sale Price: $18.99
3-6 Bottles: $15.99
12 or More: $14.99
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