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Insane Price Reduction on German Wines

Insane Price Reduction on German Wines

Today we're in luck. I was able to grab up the last of some exquisite closeout deals on German Riesling. Lucky for you all, the deals are insane and should entice anyone whose either a German Riesling nut, slightly dipping your toes in the water or a full blown novice.  There is something for everyone here and with these prices, you really can't go wrong. Go crazy! 
  • In case it's confusing, there is a one bottle price a 6 and a 12. The 6 and 12 bottle price can be the same wine or combined with any other from the list. 

2012 Eugen Muller Riesling Kabinett Trocken Forster Ungeheuer
Regular Price: $29.99
Newsletter Price: $19.99
6 Bottles Combined with Others: $17.99

Mixed Case with Others: $16.99
Notes: An obscure site that they don't make anymore since 2012, which is really too bad since this is such a fascinating wine on so many levels. Weird graphite and mineral nose with rock galore, glue and an almost acid like concoction that bleeds some melon and and tropical mangoes in a breezy kind of way. Melodramatic acid and bleeding minerals on the palate.

2014 Godlatzel Riesling Kabinett Trocken Winkeler Hasensprung
Regular Price: $27.99
Newsletter Price: $17.99
6 Bottles Combined with Others $15.99

Mixed Case with Others: $14.99
Notes: Named for the abundance of hares that populate the area, "Hasensprung" is situated to the north-west of the village of Oestrich-Winkel. The vineyards are dominated by small, rolling hills and löss-based sub-soils deposited by the Rhein’s retreat into the valley. Due to the cooling effects on the rolling hills, many micro-climates exist inside of the Hasensprung area. Goldatzel works to express the specificity of their particular holdings. Really solid stuff here with loads of perky minerals and swinging levels of fruit. It's exotic yet tame. I hadn't heard of this producer until trying it, as I soon realized after they are new. 

2014 Muller Catoir Riesling Trocken Burgergarten
Regular Price: $38.99
Newsletter Price: $31.99
6 Bottles Combined with Others: $28.99

Mixed Case with Others: $26.99
Notes: Love, love, love this wine, but let me allow the boys at Vinous to give a report. 91Points: "There is a more immediately forthcoming sense of ripe peach, apricot, lemon and grapefruit here than in the corresponding Herrenletten and Gimmeldingen bottlings, accompanied by a mouthwatering lick of salt. Fresh ginger." 
2014 AJ Adam Riesling Feinherb Dhron Feinberg
Regular Price: $41.99
Newsletter Price: $31.99
6 Bottles Combined with Others: $28.99

Mixed Case with Others: $26.99
93 Points WA:  "Located in a very warm vineyard in the Dhroner Hofberg and from 60-year-old vines, the 2014 in der Sängerei is a medium dry Riesling fermented and aged in traditional fuders. Intensely yellow in color and with fine, fully ripe and concentrated Riesling flavors on the nose, this is a rich and piquant, discreetly sweet and salty Riesling of great purity and elegance. This is a noble food wine with a nice and juicy but precise fruit, and a very long and aromatic finish. This wine was picked with a certain proportion of perfectly selected botrytis. Great and perfect with food. Only 10.5% alcohol plus 25 grams of residual sugar."
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