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Duo of Natural Red and Orange Wines from Azienda Cirelli

Duo of Natural Red and Orange Wines from Azienda Cirelli 
The word Abruzzo conjures up a variety of images. Those fortunate enough to have traveled here can testify to the scents of sea permeating the air, the diversity of flora and fauna; the people, the hospitality and the wine which tastes out of this world while there.....but always falls short when back home. Yes. Abruzzo. The stick on the label. The jug placed in the center of your fine dining table at the Olive Garden. That Abruzzo. There is no doubt about it, wines from Abruzzo do not historically have a great reputation here in the U.S.  Help me change that. #ImwithAbruzzo

Today's duo of natural wines is the future of this great region which needs a good solid kick in the ass. Azienda Cirelli was formed by a husband and wife team who dropped out of an MBA program in Italy's finest in order to get back to the land. While the wines are natural, Francesco doesn't like the term and refuses to be boxed in; instead having a deep focus of the unique terroir, wildlife, fertilization and food which all comes together to form incomprehensible beauty and energy.  
The DOC here is Cerasuolo and both wines are amphora fermented. Apart from the fact that these are new and exciting wines from a region that needs more focus and exposure, these are delightful to anyone looking for something new. There is so much life and energy in these wines that one can't help but put a big fat smile on their faces when the energy and acid interact. It is like being zapped. 
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Nose: Fresh off the tree fruit -- raspberry, pomegranate, navel orange, passion fruit -- that is filled with tons of roaming and magnetic energy. Each fruit is incredibly potent and pervasive. Undercoating of herbs and spices with fine underbrush. 
Palate: Incredibly juicy with deep and ripe acid all over the place. Reminds one of a Sicilian Etna Rosso at first with way too much acid to be complicated. Smoke and almost a fiery fruit burn. Delectable stuff. 
Regular Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $25.99
Nose: Naval orange with oily, smoke driven fragrance. Picture walking along the coast line and being offered a light for your cigar by a walking, talking clam. 
Palate:  Nutty, citrus driven with over ripe orange notes, cream and slight marzipan. While it might sound like a handful of too orangey and exotic, it's more benign than at first glance one