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Dolcetto Extravaganza!: Great Sale on 4 Different Dolcettos from Piedmont!

Dolcetto Extravaganza!: Great Sale on 4 Different Dolcettos from Piedmont!

Dolcetto Extravaganza!

“All energy flows according to the whims of the great Magnet. What a fool I was to defy him.”  -- Hunter S. Thompson

I don't know what it is about me lately but I keep moving back to the past. Certain grapes and varietals I have long since forgotten, seem to be creeping up into my consciousness on a weekly basis asking to be revisited.  Eric Asimov feels the same way about today's featured grape and wrote a whole article about it. 

There is something quite mystical about Dolcetto that I can't quite put my finger on and I'm starting to come to the realization that I hadn't paid this grape enough attention. It always seemed to be one dimensional in it's approach and a sort of why bother attitude when you could be drinking the righteous one Nebbiolo and even the more interesting, Barbera. 

What I'm finding most striking about Dolcetto these days is the range. What once was perhaps known to me as being short and stout, has now become full on encompassing; wines of nerve and tension. Dolcetto was always known as one dimensional but I'm finding a big jump outwards and the acid is becoming more lively as well as we see in later vintages. 

In sum and after a lot of rambling and Hunter S. Thompson quotes, Dolcetto is that perfect weekday table wine. It makes it's presence known in the background. There's my own quote! Learn it, live it, use it.

The wines below are a great heterogeneous blend of diversity in which I couldn't think of a wiser, more mad man putting together. To get you in the mood, put together a mixed case and take 20% off.    
  • 10% off 3, 15% off 6, 20% off any 12!
  • Wines are Available to Ship ASAP!
2015 Cantina del Glicine Dolcetto d'Alba
Newsletter Price: $26.99
Adriana Marzi and Roberto Bruno founded this boutique winery in Neive’s Old Town in 1980. Wisteria (“glicine” in Italian) colorfully decorates the winery’s courtyard and garden. Beyond its functionality, the winery’s cellar, which dates as far back as 1582, is of great historical value to Barbaresco. With remarkable bottlings from the crus of Currà and Marcorino, Glicine has brought renown to these small vineyards of Neive. 
This is super, old school Dolcetto done in Slovenian casks. Spicy and earthy with weird dried fruit consistency and taint acid. One of the only Dolcettos I have seen which could actually benefit from some age. 
2017 Roagna Dolcetto D'Alba
Newsletter Price: $21.99
If Bill was still with us he would say something to the affect of "this is Dolcetto at it's most masochistic." Most people know Roagna as one of the most iconic Barolo producers out there. Wise words: always drink a cheaper Dolcetto from a Barolo master. Don't consider it taking their sloppy seconds, but a touch of gold on the hills towards perfection. 
(Liter) NV Poderi Cellario E rosso
Newsletter Price: $21.99
Blend of Barbera and Dolcetto from Piedmont. What's not to like here? This is the kind of wine you would open for a autumn party and have people raving "what's this?...where is this great store you shop at?" all day and all night. This is a fun wineI––I know some people hate that term–– but it really is the truth. So much life and kinetic energy sprinkled all around. It comes in a liter size bottle and looks like a 40oz of something we would drink in high school. 
2017 Cogno Dolcetto d'Alba Mandorlo
Newsletter Price: $22.99
The most generous and abundant fruit of the lineup today. Lush, sweet, fat and forward.  The wine that is. Loads of ripe blackberry, spice and hard nosed leather; yet quite elegant on the palate believe it or not.  
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