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Thanksgiving Deal #1: The American 4 Pack Sampler

Thanksgiving Deal #1
The American 4 Pack Sampler!

"Pairing the Right Wine with Thanksgiving is Such a Difficult Task!"  --
Paraphrased opening sentence of every American wine writer!

I love my profession. I truly mean that. But every so often, around this time of the year, I get a little annoyed. The Middle East peace seekers emerge from their laptops. Those who will solve the national debt, healthcare and Trump's bad hair. Yes you. The WINE WRITERS OF THANKSGIVING! 

We get it. Pairing the right wine with your Thanksgiving meal is such a noble and complex task, that only you have the power to save us. You will put together the "perfect pairing" that will make our Thanksgiving meal feel like your dining at Per Se with the Kardashians and Mel Brooks. 

I don't claim to have that power. But I do know a good value when I see it. So let's commence: The next four newsletters will be featuring various deals on wines for Thanksgiving. I am pretty confident all of these will pair very well and people will leave happy. Do I claim "perfection?"  That's for you to decide. 

The American 4 Pack Sampler
Supposedly this is an American holiday and supposedly we make good stuff here. Let's act on it!
1 bottle of each (or as many as you want!)

2013 Lola Chardonnay Sonoma Coast: $19.99

20% used oak. Easily the most "Burgundian" American Chardonnay to hit these lips. Chablis nose with limey zest, green apple, peach and musty dirt. Not too sharp acidic structure leads to a plush mouthfeel coating that has Chardonnay written all over it even though it is still lean and mean. Lovely!

2013 Boundary Breaks Ovid Line North Riesling: $16.99
Cool climate Riesling. Subtle honey combed goodness with German, laser like minerality. Fine cross between exotic and sturdy, thick and thin.

2013 Walnut City Pinot Noir Williamette: $21.99
Light bodied, almost mistaken for a Burgundy with its rosy hue. Chirpy nose filled with slight hints of cedar, musk, bramble, raisin and dark cherry. Clean, round and juicy in the mouth. This is a winner for the price, no question about it.

Black Button Apple Pie Moonshine:  $25.99
What I've got you gotta give it to your mama. What I got you gotta give it to your papa....Oh sorry, was singing "GIve it Away" in the rainy forest after taking a sip of this corn based apple cider. So good. Out of Rochester, NY; this stuff is delectable and perfect as an aperitif or after dinner slow sipper. It will give everyone something to talk about other than our country's problems. 

To order, reply to or call the store @ 212-777-3151

Original Price: $84.96 (lowest in the country already!)
Special Email 4 Pack Price 15% Off (1 bottle of each): $72.22

Have a great rest of the week!


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