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New Wines from COS Take us Deep into Sicily

Dear Team Sicily:

Those who have graced our presence can testify to the fact that we love Sicilian wine. For us, it is the unexplored frontier and we feel like Carnegie going after a steel mill every time we sink our teeth into a new one.  Part of us can't help being ambassadors for a "new" area that will one day be at the forefront of Italian wine. But more importantly, we are striving to bring these to you and make them well known. As more and more customers gripe about the prices of Barolo and the mundane nature of Tuscany, Sicily is here and will sing like Neil Young when given the right microphone.  

From time to time, we will highlight a producer from a specific region. Obviously, today we are all about Sicily. And a producer with a huge amount of diversity in their various bottlings who is making highly interesting, terror driven reds.  

Azienda Agricola COS was founded in 1980 but have generations of experience intermingled within the family. Practicing biodynamic ever since and striving to make wines that still contain the power of your average Sicilian red, but with a grace and beauty at the same time.  Women's Judo would be a good analogy. Highly distinctive and highly intellectual, these are wines worth keeping around that can also be drunk young -- the buyer's dream.  Here is a
 link to the list and below are each of the 6 wines listed.  

2013 COS Nero di Lupo: $26.99
100% Nero d'Avola. Fine combination of power and finesse and an expression of Nero in it's most pure state. Top that with some dirty funk notes with a little wool like texture. That's Nero di Lupo!

2013 COS Pithos: $29.99
Blend of Nero and Frapatto that are aged in teracotta amphorae (clay jars that were used by the Greeks). Light and almost transparent red that makes up for it with big cranberry and raspberry flavors supported by delicate floral notes.

2012 COS Cerasuolo di Vittoria: $31.99
60-40, Nero-Frapatto. Fine combination of all things Sicilian we know and love: dried, sun burnt cherries, chocolate and licorice, with tons of intense and finely integrated herbs and smoke. Yet....there is softness and acidity here not to be thrown away. Round and soft come to think of it.

2011 COS Maldafrica: $32.99
Big departure here. Getting away from tradition with Cab, Merlot and a little Nero. But so what, it's the end result that matters. This is not super Tuscan meets Robert Parker on Wall Street. Though full-bodied, there is lots of Italian funk all over the place that still allows a glamour shot of power and might in your face.

2010 COS Cerasuolo di Fontaine: $64.99
A blend of Frappato and Nero. Here, once again, we have a fine balance of power and finesse, but the balance here is off the charts. It is velvety and chewy, rich and filled with softness. Again, lots of cigar but it is more of the wrapper part and a highly nuanced one at that.

2008 COS Contrada: $79.99
Tie your socks....mono-varietal Nero from calcareous and clay vineyards. Succulent and powerful with loads of licorice and spice. The earth is there and oh it is a becoming one. Loads of cigar mixed with juicy fruit and primordial game notes.

Take 10% off 6, 15% off 12. Call or email with your requests. If you order online, we will add the discount to your order afterwards. 

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See you Thursday with something else from Sicily....
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