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Syrah: Bring out the Animal!

We should be drinking more Syrah. The animal in you is calling.
We should be drinking more Syrah. It is cold in all corners of the earth
Campfires in our hearts. Ghost stories being told 
Syrah is the panacea

I have been saying this for years, yet every day this city's temperature drops another degree, I am only reminded, once again, of this potent truth. We should be drinking more Syrah. 

There is something warming here. But the candlelight vigil being held by us wine snobs needs to be extinguished. It seems to be a continual mystery. Let us embrace it.

The great thing about Syrah is it's diversity. Perhaps more so than any other grape in the world (what a bold statement!!) Syrah changes like a chameleon depending on where it is grown. From the rich intensity of a Aussie Shiraz (yes, it's the same thing) to the fruit driven, quenching shores of California and back to the homeland in northern Rhone where it takes on the beautiful scents of animal, funk and leather, Syrah is a wine meant for further explanation. And that is exactly what we are going to do.

Over the next few emails, we will look more introspectively into a few Syrahs/Shirazs that need to be tried by anyone looking to expand their horizons.

Best wishes,
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