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Great Press For Some Good Wine: Business Insider Asks Us To Pair Wine With Take-Out Food

We've hit the big time! An article in Business Insider....

After years of helping people select the perfect wine to go with their take out orders, we have been noticed. 


Nothing is too much of a challenge (once had a lady ask for a dog food pairing...I know, right?)

Yesterday, our friends at Business Insider produced an article entitled "The Best Wine to Pair with Every Kind of Takeout Food" with, yours truly, as the DJ.

See article here and please spread the word. We are striving to get over 10,000 views which would be the most in their wine article history! You can help us make it happen....

All of the wines we recommended are available in our store or on-line and oh yeah....our website is sort of working now.


We will be developing it over time, but it performs the basic functions of find wine, buy wine, have wine shipped and if you like this, try this.

In the meantime, I apologize for the lack of newsletters. More to come with more stellar offers!

Stay warm and safe!
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