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2017 Graci Etna Rosso Sopra il Pozzo

por Massanois
Precio original $ 224.99 - Precio original $ 224.99
Precio original
$ 224.99
$ 224.99 - $ 224.99
Precio actual $ 224.99

"In 2001, I completed an in-depth research of the soils of Etna which highlighted the diversity of texture, profile and chemical composition of each individual vineyard. Year after year, we continue to try to interpret every sign - every aspect - of the terroir by producing wine from the individual plots separately. For fifteen years, while tasting all the wines blindly immediately after the harvest, there was always one that was recognizable for its transparency, lightness, and fluidity, but also for its complexity: a hermetic wine. This wine is exactly what comes from "Sopra il Pozzo," a vineyard that showed a different soil in my zoning study years ago: a continuous alternation of layers of stone and coarse sand that we call "rifusa.” We decided to bottle this wine only in the years in which it shows its best expression of transparency and depth, offering our drinkers its beautiful mystery and personality."