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Winzer Sommerach: Germany's Stout Shocker

Winzer Sommerach: Germany's Stout Shocker

Yearn for more approachable and preactically shaped wine bottles in your life?
-- We’ve got you covered!

Grab one of Franken’s own Bocksbeutels today! Guaranteed to fit awkwardly, yet elegantly, into your wine storage unit of choice. 

On a serious note, this juice probably won’t sit on a shelf too long before you’ll have to reward your curiosity. Hailing from the old-timey Franconian town of Sommerach (meaning “The place on the sunny side the river.”) these delicious and stylish, marvels of vino come from an established history of excellent quality and character.

Winzer Sommerach’s credo is “Unity is Strength”, and since 1901 they have amassed a fair amount of muscle to flex. The winery came together as a result of 35 families of wine-studied viticulturists and oenophiles coming together out of economic necessity after the region experienced a welcomed boom to their wine’s reputation in the early 20th century. Tradition, along with their EU protected signature Boksbuetel shape, is what drives this remarkable producer -- and we think you should totally sample their wares.

2013 Winzer Sommerach Katzenkopf Silvaner Kabinett Trocken

Ripe yellow fruit permeate the bouquet, while the palate has shades of apple and pear, and subtle nuances of herbs–just as a Silvaner should be! When paired with classic asparagus dishes, fresh fish, or roast rabbit with tarragon, this wine will sing.

Regular Price: $19.99
Today's Sale: $14.99 on 3 bottles

2012 Winzer Sommerach Spatburgunder Trocken

Mildly aromatic, black fruit on the nose, with tinges of rose petal and violet. A bit of warmth through a little kick of black pepper towards the end. Enticingly, and subtly fragrant. Medium weight Pinot fruit with nice density. Punchy black cherry, plum and subtle blood orange flavors unfold with a bit of a savory edge, finishing clean with hints of cinnamon spice.

Regular Price: $29.99
Today's Sale: $19.99 on 3 bottles
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