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Arrival of 2017 Xavier Gerard Cote Rotie

Arrival of 2017 Xavier Gerard Cote Rotie

New Arrivals from Xavier Gerard
Several years ago, the formidable distributor Neal Rosenthal decided to bring in this great producer of Cote Rotie to complement their most excellent lineup of Northern Rhone wines. Xavier Gerard was young and unheard of which is strange for a region as small as Cote Rotie and the Northern Rhone . I tried his lineup a few years back and was really excited about the possibilities.  Unlike other Cote Roties, there was a lot to go around and I would beg my Rhone customers to try this and be bedazzled, especially the 2015.
Then something happened.....on the site Wine Berskerkers, someone raved about this wine and the whole line up from the producer. Being that we were the only store to carry out we sold out immediately and have tons of back orders for the next shipment coming. And just like that, Xavier Gerard's Cote Rotie is now getting the respect it deserves. Like King Crimson should and Louis CK––before the incident,––Xavier Gerard is becoming one of the top producers in the Northern Rhone.  

For today we have a great lineup of 2017 Cote Rotie, 2018 Saint Joseph and a few cherries to those who have been amazing people in 2019!

2017 Xavier Gerard Cote Rotie
Newsletter Price: $69.99
3 Bottle Price: $62.99
6 or More: $59.99

An assemblage of the estate’s finest parcels, the single Cote-Rotie cuvée produced at the Gerard domaine is sourced principally from the Mollard lieu-dit (65%) with the balance a mix of Font-Jean, Viallière, and La Landonne. The de-stemming regimen varies with vintage, though a significant part is generally left as whole clusters. This is a finer expression of the appellation than many of its counterparts along the slope, with a purity of fruit and finesse to the tannins. Although its profile is marked by a regal elegance that makes this wine seductively drinkable in its youth, older examples offer strong testimony that the Cote-Rotie from Domaine Gerard has the capacity to provide a pure and tenacious expression of this noble terroir for decades in the bottle.

2018 Xavier Gerard Saint Joseph Blanchards
Newsletter Price: $44.99
3 Bottle Price: $42.99
6 or More: $39.99

From a site down the road in Chavanay just south of Condrieu, a mere 2000 bottles of this wine are produced annually, of which we will receive a small allotment of a few hundred bottles per year. A less feral-style red than the typical Saint Joseph, this wine shows fine minerality and a refreshing fragrance, both floral and berry-like, with a compelling finesse.

The following wines are also available, however, these are all extremely limited and cannot be bought on their own, only with complete orders. Please email me for availability:

Magnum 2017 Xavier Gerard Cote Rotie
Newsletter Price: $149.99

2016 Xavier Gerard Cote Rotie La Landonne
Newsletter Price: $249.99

(Magnum) 2016 Xavier Gerard Cote Rotie La Landonne
Newsletter Price: $599.99
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