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Piedmont Library Releases from Antonio Vallana: 2009 Gattinara and 2008 Campi Raudi

Piedmont Library Releases from Antonio Vallana: 2009 Gattinara and 2008 Campi Raudi

On occasion, we are lucky enough to get some older releases that are drinking at their optimal level. Wines that are a fraction of the price and ones that can allow people who don't want to spend a fortune, to see just what a wine can do with some proper age and patience; to experience the true bliss and happiness that comes from seeing a wine in it's peak condition. 2012 Anderson Silva. 1996 Michael Jordan. You get the picture.

The athlete analogy is perfect. A wine is born, works hard to get to it's optimal peak and then slowly decays with age into it's inevitable state of form and grace.
  • Both Wines Arrive Early December 
Antoine Vallana is one of those Piedmont producers whose wines. for some odd reason, just stick around for generations and are always incredibly underpriced. 
Campi Raudi
Vallana's introductory wine. 90% Nebbiolo, 10% Vespolina.
From the DOCG Gattinara, wine must be 90% Nebbiolo, up to 10% Vespolina with no more than 4% Bonarda. T
2008 Antonio Vallana Campi Raudi
Original Price: $24.99 
Sale Price: $18.99
3 Pack Price: $17.99
6 Pack Price: $16.99
Nose: The scent of opening a fresh tootsie roll lollipop. As clear as day. Wrapped inside layers of dried fig, burnt brown butter, raisin and sage. Very bright and in your face, tangible like scents. 

Palate: Acid is still strong at this stage in the game that is bright and lingering. Fading mushroom and truffle notes pervade the palate as the tannins become intact, engaging and velvety. At it's prime but might even last longer, as is the case with all wines from this amazing producer.
2009 Vallana Gattinara
Original Price: $39.99 
Sale Price: $32.99
3-Pack Price: $29.99
6 Pack Price: $28.99
Nose: Deep dried fig notes, wrapped in layers of truffles, chocolate, orange peel, dates, cherries and some sort of forest twig concoction. Layers upon layers of flavor.
Palate: Juicy, tangy, scrumptious. Long and ethereal finish shows the aforementioned notes really coming to life where the orange peel essence is vibrant and soothing. Truffles are just where they should be at this stage in the game but will come back for more overtime. 
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