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New Vintages of Sicilian Super Star Arianna Occhipinti

New Vintages of Sicilian Super Star Arianna Occhipinti

New Vintages of Arianna Occhipinti

Here @ Some Good Wine, we love Sicily. So many producers, so little time and we can't even begin naming all of the exciting things happening in this fabled land. Sicilians wines have gone through an extremely strange history; almost non-existent 20 years ago and now unfortunately showcased by a lot of mass production Nero d'Avola. 

Do remember that Sicily is the largest of the 20 wine regions in Italy; producing excessive amounts of wine in almost unfathomable quantities. What it needed was rock stars of Hendrix status to showcase small production, artisanal and natural quality that can truly capture and transcend the distinct terroir existent in Sicily. Here they come now...

What captures people's attention with these wines immediately is the way they literally seem to awaken the senses. There is a spiny nerve ingrained that is non-tangential, individualized and philosophically contemplative on a Nietzschean scale.

I first discovered Arianna Occhipinti in my neophyte days. But as ignorant as I was––the folly of youth––I knew there was something inherently special about her that has stayed with me for what seems like a lifetime. Whenever I make a lasagna or some super fatty Italian dish, I try to reach for one as it is an exceptionally magical experience. Unfortunately, I am not alone. These wines have become iconic in the wine geek community and hence are now hard to come by.  As I alluded to above, what used to sit there for ages until an interested customer said "ooh, what is that?" are now sold in tiny amounts. One of the conundrums of the wine world....we all can't be as plentiful and fertile as Yellow Tail.

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Newsletter Price: $33.99
A blend of native grapes Zibbibo and Albanello. Super fresh, vibrant, zesty, alive and in living color. An existential experience in terroir; like sucking the lava through a banned San Francisco plastic straw. 

2018 Arianna Occhipinti SP68 Rosso
Newsletter Price: $33.99
A blend of Nero and Frappato. More grimy than the straight Frappato with less intensity but still incredibly solid and a great alternative to the humorlessness of Chianti and Super Tuscans.  The linear freshness of the Frappato with a muscular thump of the Nero. 

2017 Arianna Occhipinti Frappato (Highly Limited!)
Newsletter Price: $49.99
Frappato is the grape here, normally used to blend with the more famous Cerasuolo di Vittoria. One of the only single varietal Frappatos in existence. Gorgeous, Pinot Noir like structure with smokey girth, fleshy earth and wild, explosive tannins like sucking on a raspberry fire pit. 

2016 Occhipinti Siccagno Nero d`Avola IGT Terre Siciliane 
Newsletter Price: $48.99
From the same area as the Frappato. 100% Nero here, with some of the same bright fruit in the Frappato. Difference here is you get more of that crusty earth sensation and muscular grit one sees with Nero. Incredibly medium bodied fatness and acidic precision. 
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