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New Vintages of COS from Sicily

New Vintages of COS from Sicily

Today's feature is an oldie but a goodie here at Some Good Wine. Azienda Agricola COS––to be known here on out as simply COS––has been a staple of our Sicilian diet since we opened. As of recent, the winery has moved from working with their original distributor Domaine Select to Polaner Selections. The good news for the consumer, is that the prices are a bit better, especially on the higher end ones.

COS is a legend in the Vittoria region, who is known for mass experimentation and giving guidance to lots of younger folks such as the legendary Arianna Occhipinti (Gustavo Occhipinti is the winemarker and uncle.)  Read some more here from the great Eric Asimov. 

On a personal note, I tend to have a very mystical connection to these wines as they are ones which originally got me obsessed with Sicily. The reds embody all the smoke, grit, muscle and passion that comes to mind with Sicilian reds. The whites are weird and part of the nouveau lineup that is coming off shore with semi orange, orange and just plain whackiness.
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2015 COS Cerasuolo di Vittoria
Special Newsletter Price: $29.99

60-40, Nero d'Avola-Frappato. Fine combination of all things Sicilian we know and love: dried, sun burned cherries; chocolate and licorice, with tons of intense and finely integrated herbs and smoke. Yet....there is softness and acidity here not to be thrown away. Round and soft. come to think of it with a lot of fleshy fruit on the finish.  

2012 COS Cerasuolo di Vittoria delle Fontane
Special Newsletter Price: $49.99

A blend of Frappato and Nero. Here, once again, we have a fine balance of power and finesse, but the balance here is off the charts. It is velvety and chewy, rich and filled with finesse. Again, lots of cigar but it is more of the wrapper part and nuanced with the fatness of the fruit whipping and whirling around. Long and dense on the finish with real power that will allow for substantial aging. 

2011 COS Contrada Nero d'Avola 
Special Newsletter Price: $59.99
Tie your socks....mono-varietal Nero d'Avola from calcareous and clay vineyards. Succulent and powerful with loads of licorice and spice. The earth is there and oh it is a becoming one. Loads of cigar mixed with juicy fruit and primordial game notes that has insane myriads of flavor and passion. Like the Fontane this will age for a decade plus!

2016 COS Nero di Lupo
Special Newsletter Price: $25.99

100% Nero d'Avola. Fine combination of power and finesse and an expression of Nero in it's most pure state. Top that with some dirty funk notes with a little wool like texture. That's Nero di Lupo!

2016 COS Pithos Red
Special Newsletter Price: $31.99

Blend of Nero and Frappato that are aged in terracotta amphorae (clay jars that were used by the Greeks). Light and almost transparent red that makes up for it with big cranberry and raspberry flavors supported by delicate floral notes.

2017 COS Pithos Bianco
Special Newsletter Price: $34.99

Slightly orange, 100% Grillo. Serious yet fun. Light smoke essence with slight candied orange, floral essence, lemon and grass with a singing smokey fun! 

2017 COS Rami
Special Newsletter Price: $32.99
50-50 blend of Inzolia and Grecanico. Exotic like some of the other orange Sicilian whites with honey notes, floral hints, grapefruit oils, herbs, tobacco and tons of minerality. Aged in stainless steel gives it a mouthful of floral notes, fatness and heavy weight fruit flavors.  Long, exotic and oh so interesting. 

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