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Insane Price Reduction on Iconic Austrian and German Wines

Insane Price Reduction on Iconic Austrian and German Wines

For this week, our friends over at Therry Thiesse selections have decided to let a few wines go on sale. Good news for us. Below are some of the iconic selections selected and brought over by Mr. Thiesse from Germany and Austria with either high scores or notes from the man himself. 
  • Additional 10% off Mixed Case

2014 Brundlmayer Riesling Zobinger Heiligenstein "Lyra"
Was: $69.99
Sale Price: $51.99
RP 93+:
 Pure, fresh and crystalline, with a dash of lemon perfume, sandstone flavors and good concentration starts the 2014 Riesling Heiligenstein Lyra 1ÖTW on the nose. Medium-bodied but dense and very mineral, this is a pure, finesse-full and refreshing Heiligenstein with a lot of tension, structure and salt. This is one of the highlights of this vintage along the Danube. Very long, intense and complex, but always fresh and vibrant. 

(375ml) 2014 Gobelsburg Riesling Heiligenstein
Was: $34.99
Sale Price: $22.99
No score but Therry Thiese says "
As always, smokier, saltier and with another kind of texture, less crystalline than raw-silken; this vintage seems to emphasize the top notes and mineral more than the Wicca-potion, yet the aroma is entirely erogenous, a feather-stroke of almost unbearable complexity; cicada-hiss, anise-hyssop and black cherry in an infinitely precise and limitless gesture of measured power."

2013 Heidler Riesling Maximum
Was: $51.99
Sale Price: $44.99
No score but Therry Thiese says: "First offering. It begins with the utter-Riesling-glory scent of 2013. That’s a fine start! It then shows everything great about 2013 ratcheted up to a degree some will find overwhelming, and others—like silly me—will find wearisome, like “Don’t keep arguing, I’m already convinced.” The fragrance is really gorgeous, overripe mirabelles and sweet grain. It’s also in its way a very moving wine because it’s the deep expression of the core of a man, this roasted marrow of Riesling that conveys such a unity of soul and drink."

2015 Nigl Gruner Veltliner Herzstuck vom Kirchberg
Was: $57.99
Sale Price: $42.99
No score but Therry Thiese says: "Staring in the 2010 vintage Martin has bottled this wine separately when its volume warrants; otherwise it goes into the “Privat.” From the hotel’s parking lot a pathway goes toward a small terraced hill with a church at its prow, and this wine hails from those terraces. There’s never a lot of it. This wine really has it all; almost the cut and relief of a Steinertal from Alzinger; rivulets of sweet herbs and a basmati and rawdough starch and richness. Seductive and generous, but lithe, not voluptuous."

2013 Nigl Riesling Rehberger Goldberg
Was: $79.99
Sale Price: $59.99
No score but Therry Thiese says: "This is entirely different from Nigl’s other Rieslings; it’s all about carraway seeds, fennel, licorice; crackery but also a crunchy granular meringue with white raspberries and coconut, and mineralty you can scoop off your tongue with a table-crumber. It’s like no other Riesling."

2013 Sattler Zweigelt "Reserve"
Was: $29.99
Sale Price: $22.99
No score but Therry Thiese says: There are no “reserve” wines from 2014, so we’ll be waiting another year for the ‘15s, which isn’t so bad with this vixen to keep us company. What fine, sweet, angular complexity! A little less tannin and I’d have given a 2nd plus, but this is the wine you wish they were making more of in the Alto Adige (where excessive alcohol has become much too frequent); a ton of “cool” sweetness, smoky framboise, a playful arrival of spicy high notes, and a twang of sassafras in the finish.

2013 Setzer Gruner Veltliner 'Die Lage'
Was: $34.99
Sale Price: $22.99
No score but Therry Thiese says: "
Why not just name “Die Lage” (the vineyard)? Because its name is Eichholz (Oakwood), which could confuse customers into supposing the wine has oak flavors, which it doesn’t. In any case, it’s the best vintage of this wine for many years and is a short-lister for sure. Ripe, firm, generous in a muscular form, with a great salty spine; vetiver and flowering field and then a crusty minerality that recalls Renner, or Ott’s Stein."

(Magnum) 2014 A.J. Adam Hofberg Riesling [GG] Trocken
Was: $149.99
Sale Price: $87.99
No score but Therry Thiese says: "A mix of Fuder and steel, and wine of great, deep authority, a decidedly dry wine again, but the ‘14s are less exotic and leesy than usual here, and so this fella is quite rectilinear and classic; it has the compelling somewhereness fragrance of the Grand Cru, plus a mid-palate sourness that may not persist after bottling—and if it departs we’ll have a stoic sober masterpiece on our palates. (Tasted from the otherwise useless Zalto “Denkart” stem, that sourness wasn’t present.)"

2014 A.J. Adam Dhron Hofberg Riesling Feinherb "In der Sangerei"
Was: $49.99
Sale Price: $34.99
WA 93 Points
: "Located in a very warm vineyard in the Dhroner Hofberg and from 60-year-old vines, the 2014 in der Sängerei is a medium dry Riesling fermented and aged in traditional fuders. Intensely yellow in color and with fine, fully ripe and concentrated Riesling flavors on the nose, this is a rich and piquant, discreetly sweet and salty Riesling of great purity and elegance. This is a noble food wine with a nice and juicy but precise fruit, and a very long and aromatic finish. This wine was picked with a certain proportion of perfectly selected botrytis. Great and perfect with food. Only 10.5% alcohol plus 25 grams of residual sugar."

2013 Dr. Deinhard Deidesheimer Hergottsacker Riesling Kabinett Trocken
Was: $31.99
Sale Price: $14.99
No scores, no infomation possible and this producer isn't being imported anymore. It's $14.99 marked down from $31.99. As Crosby, Stills and Nash once sang "what have I got to lose?"

(375ml) 2010 Gysler Weinheimer Holle Huxelrebe BA
Was: $43.99
Sale Price: $28.99
No score but Therry Thiese says
: "Bigger and more fundamental than the tres-exotique 2013; clean botrytis, clean overall; more white raisin than chestnut honey; the most classically rendered version of this wine in many years."
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