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40% Off 2013 Donkey & Goat Syrah, Plus Ultra Limited 2018 Rose and Stone Crusher Rousanne

40% Off 2013 Donkey & Goat Syrah, Plus Ultra Limited 2018 Rose and Stone Crusher Rousanne

"Donkey & Goat winery has its own manifesto, and how can you not love a winery with a manifesto? This husband-and-wife team (don’t ask which is the donkey) does a fine job of abiding by its minimalist principles."
Eric Asimov, The New York Times

In case you're wondering what this legendary manifesto is, check out their site for a serious and extensive explanation. It is no joke. These are profound folks with enough of a sense of humor to make Trump laugh. The shorter version: Donkey & Goat is one of my favorite producers in America today. This husband and wife team is making wines with purpose, soul, intensity and a back to earth mentality without being too hippie dippy about it. Donkey & Goat never seem to let me down. Every new wine I try from their massive line-up is always a surprise. Something different each time that I've never quite had before in a wine let alone in an American wine. 

They are natural without being too weird. None of the wines have that too strange of a taste that scares some folks off. With minimalist intervention all around they are definitely one of the leaders in this movement without actually claiming to be a part of the movement. As if the movement shouldn't even exist. They are experimenting in many cases with Rhone varietals, but not to the point where you feel they are just doing so to be different and eccentric. The non-typical Californian varietals truly feel right at home.  Most importantly, there is something about their wines that makes one always feel as if there is a true artisanal touch set upon each bottle. Every wine seems to have a purpose.

Folks, trust me here, these are fun wines to try. Old world fanatics will be shocked at how terroir driven and interesting they can be. Californian wine lovers will equally be pleased that they are trying something new, different and oh so exciting.  Enjoy

Let's start with the first offer of the day: 2013 Donkey & Goat Syrah @ 40% Off
The 2013 Syrah is oozing with flavor. Old school, Rhone style that is a bit gritty, leathery and barnyardy with out too over the top flavors. Leather and saddle bound with dirty rusticity on the nose; floral elements and berries. Medium bodied with good tannic grip but fleshy and silky enough where you're not left asking for a Halls after as some Syrah can do. Also one of those fun Syrahs that will certainly rock out some gamey food but can be drank on it's own.  Wait till you see the price...... 

2013 Donkey & Goat Syrah
Regular Price: $37.99
Newsletter Price: $26.99
3 Bottle Price: $23.99
6 Bottle Price: $19.99

Hands down, the Isabel's Cuvee Rose is one of my favorite American rose most years. It has so much character; freshness, zest and life. There are haunting fresh berries on the nose that linger back and forth with weird minerals, cheese, melon and cranberry. The palate is fleshy, succulent, weighty and incredibly long and dense.  Very limited! 

10% off 6
2018 Donkey & Goat Rose Isabel's Cuvee Mendocino
Regular Price: $34.99
Newsletter Price: $28.99
The next wine is weird and highly sought after.  Skin contacted Roussanne, AKA, orange wine like most of their others. Ginger-spiced pear and baked apple aromas mingle with pretty, floral notes. On the palate, dry, medium bodied, subtle tannins and nuances of yellow peach and tart apricot. Very cool and exotic stuff; not to the point where you're wondering if it's better for a science experiment. Insanely drinkable
10% off 6
2017 Donkey & Goat Stone Crusher Rousanne
Regular Price: $44.99
Newsletter Price: $37.99

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