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2018 COS Pithos Bianco

2018 COS Pithos Bianco

Picture this scenario: It's a Tuesday in early March. The weather outside is glistening with emerging images, scents and smells of what could be a productive and illustrious spring. Nature peaks in it's glorious threshold of divine spark.   

"It has been a luxury to draw the breath of life. The grass grows; the buds burst; the meadow is spotted with fire and gold and the tint of flowers; the air is full of birds and sweet with the breath of the pine” As Emerson once recounted.

And then there is the other side, the dark side. As you read this, you're probably quivering in anticipation of the stock market's opening bell.  The Yin-Yang of existence. And what better way to complete this tumultuous path of existence than skin contact wine from Sicily.  2018 COS Pithos Bianco. The gift of spring. The fruit of existence.  In a breath, in longing, in wisdom, reason will prevail. 

Azienda Agricola COS––to be known here on out as simply COS––has been a staple of our Sicilian diet since we opened. As of recent, the winery has moved from working with their original distributor Domaine Select to Polaner Selections. The good news for the consumer, is that the prices are better. COS is a legend in the Vittoria region, who is known for mass experimentation and giving guidance to lots of younger folks such as the legendary Arianna Occhipinti (Gustavo Occhipinti is the winemarker and uncle.)  Read some more here from the great Eric Asimov. 

The 2018 COS Pithos Bianco is 100% Grillo with mild skin contact. I know people are somewhat bored of this term "orange wine"––btw, if you live in the tri-state area, please come to our orange wine event next Wednesday––so just imagine this as a process going back 100s of years before it became trendy. So this is a serious yet super fun expression of Grillo with wild flowers, tingly naval orange notes, meyer lemons and wild grass elements.  There is posture and poise yet and quietly goes where no orange wine has gone before.

This is a versatile wine with can accommodate any of the following wine types:
Orange wine lover: Check
Natural Wine Lover: Check
Bored of Chardonnay: Check
Enjoy Marsanne, Rousanne, Viognier or Other Exotic Whites: Check
Like Trying New Shit: Check

Enjoy and stay safe out there...

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2018 Cos Pithos Bianco
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