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2016 Celier de la Baraterie Cruet Jacquere

2016 Celier de la Baraterie Cruet Jacquere

I know folks, it's been a tough week. Coronavirus, stock market crashes, a battle between one candidate who is (fill in the blank) and another who is (fill in the blank) all in a vapid attempt to unseat a president who is (fill in the blank)....looks like we need Some Good Wine at a killer price! Say no more, I've got you!
It's a shame that we hardly mention the Savoie. An obscure and tiny region located in Eastern France, across the border from Switzerland; mountainous, airy, cool climate and producing obscure and indigenous grapes only seen here and hardly anywhere else in the world, even though French wine is supposedly so good it can cross all borders and party lines.  Trump and Biden might toast to this one day!

For today, we have a killer wine at 50% off.  A little info:  Julien Viana started his domaine Cellier de la Baraterie (named after the lieu-dit where his vines are located) at the tender age of 22.  He cobbled together 5 hectares (12.35 acres) by buying up parcels of old vines from 10 different growers.  From the start, he wanted to work only organically, with biodynamic tendencies, to respect the land.  These vines, aged 25-70 years old, are densely planted to a limestone plateau on steep mountainsides (it is the Alps after all!).  Only indigenous grapes are grown here, so in white he works with Malvoisie, Roussette de Savoie, Jacquère, and in red he has Gamay, Pinot Noir, Mondeuse.
This Jacquère is a force to be reckoned with. Bright, vivid, slightly salty thanks to the high mineral content in the soil; juicy yet unmistakably Savoie. Crisp, dry, refreshing and savory all at once. One of those perfect white wines that fits neatly in the spectrum of white wine greatness where it's on the lighter side like a Gruner/Sancerre/Albarino but so much more exotic and interesting, especially at this price point. The complexity and medium bottle flavors fit more into the realm of a sec Vouvray that goes on a blind date with a lieu dit Chablis, or even a premier cru. They grab a milkshake; kiss, holds hands, the works. The jukebox plays a sad song, but the wine result is one of immaculate greatness and oh, check out the price........

  • Wine Arrives Tomorrow!

2016 Celier de la Baraterie Cruet
Original Price: $27.99
Newsletter Price: $15.99
3 Pack: $14.99
6 Pack $13.99
12 or More: $12.99


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