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2017 Suertes del Marques from the Canary Islands!

2017 Suertes del Marques from the Canary Islands!

2017 Suertes del Marques

In case you haven't gotten the memo yet, here at Some Good Wine we specialize in, amongst other things, wines from the Canary Islands. With a selection that can at times get to be over 50, one would think that we have conquered this small set of islands. But there is always more...

Suerte del Marques is one that I have dabbled with in the past but now that they have switched to a normal distributor in Polaner Selections, we will be getting more of a normal stock in going forward.

Here is some basic and more geeky info: Hailing from Tenerife,most of Suerte's vines are ungrated and very old. . .some possibly over 200 years. This area maintains an ancient trellising system called 'trenzado' where the vines are braided out in arms. . .some ex tending 10+ meters. The hillside of Suertes del Marques has been divided up into parcels in a way very similar to the Cote d'Or in Burgundy. The style of the wines is pure, bright and volcanic mineral laden. These are benchmark Listan Blanco and Negros. 

Take these interesting viticultural factoids: Where are the highest vineyards in Europe? Not in the Alps; What is the highest mountain in Spain? It is not in the Pyrenees; Where are some of the oldest vines in Europe? Not in Greece or Italy; Where are the furthest south that vines grow in Europe, outside of the 30-50 degrees of latitude bands taught in most wine books? The answer to these questions is Tenerife on the Canary Islands. The island of Tenerife is dominated by El Teide, a volcano that is the highest peak in Spain. On all sides of it are vineyards making up the highest vineyards in Europe. In a valley facing North and North east on the slopes of El Teide is the Valle de la Orotava DO and home to the vineyards of Suertes Del Marques. Visiting the vineyards of Suertes del Marques is like going back in time. The area is Phylloxera free and so the vines are pie franco 

Given the extremely special nature of what Suertes del Marques possesses, proprietor Jonatan Garcia Lima works all his vineyards organically and all by hand and with the utmost care and respect for nature and the history. And from these amazing and unique vineyards, he endeavors to make fresh, tensile and mineral driven wines that showcase the volcanic soils and the native varieties. To achieve his objective, through years of experimentation, he has divided up the slope into parcels to achieve a hierarchy (much like a slope in Burgundy) as well as a unique vineyard signature to each of his top Cru wines. These various parcels have names like El Ciruelo, El Chibirique, El Esquilon and La Solana. To achieve the utmost purity to the wines, all work in the cellar is done with a minimum of interference. This includes all indigenous yeast fermentations, use of neutral large oak barrels with minimal racking and added sulphur during the élévage. There is also a minimum of filtration with the wines just passing through a large screen to remove any unwanted remnants, stems, grape skins, etc. The resulting wines are super pure!!
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2017 Suertes del Marques Trenzado Valle de la Orotava 
Newsletter Price: $24.99
Introductory white, blend of Pedro Ximénez and Listán Blanco. Fresh aromas of citrus peel and honey with strong acacia blossom and orange oils. Powerful and lip smacking with strong ocean, salt and maritime essence.  Unique Canary Island white that I would have passed for a Vermentino. 

2017 Suertes del Marques Vidonia Valle de la Orotava
Newsletter Price: $41.99

100% Listan Blanco. Waxy, apple driven nose that would easily mistaken for a Meursault but the underlining mineral and sea salt aromatic concentration gives it the Canary Island feel at the end of the day. Luscious on the palate with fine medium bodied flavors. Straight and lingering acid with fine tuned fruit and mineral notes. Killer stuff that is highly introspective. 

2017 Suertes del Marques 7 Fuentes Valle de la Orotava 
Newsletter Price: $19.99
Blend of Tintilla and Listán Negro. Strong and apparent notes of plum, cherry, cranberry, dust, spice and some weird mineral concoction. Full bodied palate that is more earth than oak with zesty raciness and filled with loads of exotic and fleshy fruit. Solid pepper and floral aromas on the finish.

2017 Suertes del Marques La Solana Valle de la Orotava 
Newsletter Price: $24.99
Blend of Listán Negro and Cordón Trenzado. Subtle high mountainous aromas of underripe plum and cassis. Rugged and dirty with spice and herbs. All over the place on the palate with good herbs and peppers, hard tannins and lots of fruit driven depth.

2017 Suertes del Marques El Ciruelo Valle de la Orotava
Newsletter Price: $49.99
Top wine from this estate. 100% Listán Negro. Powerful nose of minerals and cherry notes, earth, leather, salt, plums, raspberries and other outerworldly notes. 
On the palate it's elegant and Burgundian with loads of insane depth and particles floating left and right. 
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