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2015 Fratelli Brovia Barolo

2015 Fratelli Brovia Barolo

The diversity of Barolo is staggering. Violets, truffles and cherries are not always created equal. Some are rich, some are pure, some are sensual and many leave you wanting more. I don't know what that last sentence means, but I couldn't think of a better introduction to one of my all time favorite Barolos: Fratelli Brovia. As alluded to, this is ethereal Barolo. With age, Brovia's Barolo gets to be incredibly sleek, lean with immense earth and pounce. The elegance is something you would see with a grand cru Burgundy with that delicious crunchy earth that is only seen in top of the line Barolo.  2015 is soon to be a classic vintage in the works and Brovia is always a classic producer. It's a perfect match! 
  • The crus are limited. The regular Barolo isn't. Therefore, consideration will be given to those orders which include some of the regular Barolo as well as the crus.
  • 10% off 12 or More
  • Wines can Ship Early November

2015 Fratelli Brovia Barolo
Original price: $59.99On-Sale: $55.99
This cuvée is a blend of the younger vines found in the various “crus”. Since its inception, the Barolo has offered a stylish take on the Brovia approach to this appellation. There is never excess here, no attempt to showboat or to flaunt an image of power. Above all, balance is the key element in faithfully rendering a Barolo of great stature. You will find here the classic grainy tannins, the long, mineral-inflected finish, the aromas of late-summer roses and flavors of dried cherries. After a fermentation of approximately three weeks, the wine is aged for at least two years in a combination of large and medium-sized barrels of Slavonian and French origin. Annual production is in the neighborhood of 13,000 bottles of which 3000 are dedicated to the US market.
2015 Fratelli Brovia Barolo Garblet Sue
Original Price: $94.99On-Sale: $89.99
This is a dynamic wine filled with surprises. From 35 year-old vines on a ¾ hectare hillside site in Castiglione Falletto, the wine is a fraternal twin to the more stern and imposing “Villero” with the classic restrained power of the best of the wines from Castiglione Falleto. It distinguishes itself by its enormous energy, a positive and heady wine with a gorgeous interplay of black fruits and minerals. The lively presence on the palate reminds one of the remarkable ability of Nebbiolo to retain its vibrant acidity while building its sugar reserves.

2015 Fratelli Brovia Ca'Mia
Original Price: $109.99On-Sale: $102.99
We often call this cru “Il Ruffiano” for its rustic, raffish nature. This is a boisterous, friendly Barolo from 56 year-old vines in the heart of Serralunga with all that zone’s lush fruit and generous body. Here the wine thrusts us into the dense ambience of the forest: the dark berrylike fruit, the moss and underbrush, the truffles and mushrooms of the Langhe. It’s all there with bravado and confidence. Warm, rich, dense…one of our best friends at the table

2015 Fratelli Brovia Barolo Rocche (Rucche di Castiglione)
Original Price: $109.99On-Sale: $102.99
(Magnum) Original Price: $239.99On-Sale: $224.99
This splendid and fabled site in Castiglione Falletto gives us a window onto the elegant, feminine side of Barolo. Always the most aromatic and sensual of the crus from Brovia, the Rocche Brovia carries its weight with a ballerina-like delicacy on top of tannins that are sweet and silky. A seductress that tempts you to the table with its near-athletic versatility, the Rocche is the one member of this special quartet of crus that will charm you from the outset.

2015 Fratelli Brovia Barolo Villero
Original Price: $109.99On-Sale: $102.99
(Magnum) Original Price: $239.99On-Sale: $224.99
Some may argue the case but, personally, if we had to pick one of these wines as the “king of kings”, our vote would go the Villero. The package is complete: strong yet elegant, powerful but dignified, above all pure and balanced. No matter the vintage, this special site in Castiglione Falletto yields a consistently marvelous wine that will age with grace. Dark and brooding in its youth, it matures into a regal wine of exceptional depth. For us it is the quintessential Barolo. 
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