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2014 Porta Bohemica Pinot Noir

2014 Porta Bohemica Pinot Noir

As some of you know, Czech wines are a big part of our store; meaning...we have 7 of them, which is 7 more than the other major stores in New York.  The small country started growing lots of cool stuff right after the fall of communism with a large natural scene emerging in the mid-2000s. Being lovers of natural wine, this is where we come in.

Due to it's cool climate, Pinot Noir tends to grow really well and while they are not on par scope or quality wise––at the higher levels––with Burgundy or West Coast USA, there is some really interesting stuff here,

Enter Porta Bohemica:  Aleš Svatoš is a top-notch scientist who started making wine in 2008, because he “needed a new intellectual challenge and wine is so beautifully complicated.” Together with his wife they found a beautiful small vineyard and cottage overlooking the breathtaking Porta Bohemica meander of the Elbe River north of Prague, Czech Republic. The village of Velke Zernoseky is an old and famous winegrowing area, with steep marly/volcanic slopes and a rather cold climate nicely adapted to making Muller Thurgau, Riesling, Pinot and Chardonnay with pronounced acidity. 

Today's Pinot Noir is lovely stuff that I feel bad selling for this price, but when I see your Instagram photos––early spring, mist on the water, grass on the meadows, Pinot in hand. All is well in the world. Silicon Valley returns this spring. Can't believe they just cancelled Crashing––I will feel fine about this choice.

Nose: Fresh berries, semi dried fruit concentration; twigs, minerals, subtle mushroom and cocoa. Fresh and alive with loads of energy.

Palate: High acid, juicy, fresh and concentrated. No known natural wine components on the palate such as the carbonic spritz or the barnyard. Just delicious, succulent Pinot. 


2014 Porta Bohemica Pinot Noir
Original Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $19.99
3 Bottle Price: $16.99
6 Bottle Price: $14.99
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