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2019 L&C Poitout Chablis L'Inextinct Franc de Pied Ungrafted

por Vinotas
Precio original $ 64.99 - Precio original $ 64.99
Precio original $ 64.99
$ 74.99
$ 74.99 - $ 74.99
Precio actual $ 74.99

By far, the most pricey Petit Chablis you will ever Grand Cru prices. Why? Extinct is one way to put -- supply and demand as the economists say. Vines that are no longer around in a place of Petit Chablis that is a sole ownership by Poitout. But this is nerd talk when the most important question is how does it taste? And the answer: amazing! Mineral driven up the wazoo with exotic and alive textures that rival grand cru for complexity and depth.