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Celebrity Wines

Celebrities you know and love from various facets of media, falling in love with wines just like we did. Only difference is, they have tons of money and resources to make their own.

Maynard James Keenan


Many "celebrities" have attached their name to a wine but only one can claim to actually be the winemaker. Apart from being the lead singer of Tool and A Perfect Circle, Maynard James Keenan is slowly becoming one of America's newest rising wine stars with a wide array of amazing new wines out of both Arizona and New Mexico. Maynard is creatively exploring the vast terroir of these regions and experimenting with some incredibly diverse and eccentric grapes to make some world class white and reds, that Some Good Wine has proudly carried for 3 years.


 Kyle McLachlan


From Blue Velvet, to Show Girls, Kyle MacLachlan is The Man. But apart from being a great actor, Kyle is deeply wine passionate and currently working on a project in Washington State called Pursued by Bear (a name suggested by Fred Savage:) a top notch Syrah and Cabernet that rivals some of the best in the category as well as a new Rose, that is one of America's finest.  


Les Claypool


Although he is one of the top 3 bass players and fly fishermen in the world, Les Claypool also makes amazing Pinot Noir since 2012. Les and his wife Chaney are devout wine drinkers and love classic Sonoma Pinot. These can rival many out there. 



Tituss Burgess


One of the most serious and taciturn sommeliers out there. A nose and palate so intricate. A knowledge so deep, there is only one wine that Tituss Burgess can make.....PINOT!!!!!!