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Wine Company in NYC

"You know that really amazing wine with kangaroos on the bottle?"

"Sorry, we don't carry that."

"How about that Pinot Grigio I saw during commercials at the Superbowl?"

"Sorry, not that one either."

" what do you carry that's good?"

Thanks for asking, that's our hands down, favorite question. At Some Good Wine, we pride ourselves on carrying a strenuously, handpicked selection of wine and spirits; portraying quality over popularity, artisinal spirit over commercial appeal. Small production pride has caught the world like a ferocious tornado and we are in the epicenter. Lucky for you, shopping with us will be one of the greatest wine experiences you will ever encounter.

Our selections are extensive, creative and put together with the utmost care and precision. While we carry a large selection of the three famous Bs (Burgundy, Barolo and Bordeaux) and more from the world's greatest regions, the treasures of our store rest in our quirkiness: The largest selection of Corsican wines in the country; the largest selection of Canary Island wines in the country; the largest selection of non-kosher Israeli wines in the country; over 30 different Chablis, 60 different Sicilian wines; over 80 craft spirits from New York; over 50 gins, 30 Amaros, on and on and on. We love being different and fun. At Some Good Wine, you will find a selection and caliber of wines that can rival our nation's best, with a creative spirit that no one can match.

At Some Good Wine, we love to get geeky and can talk Jura soil variation and personal winemaker details with the best of them, but we don't wanna put you off. We recognize that snobbery in the wine world is a disease greater than phylloxera. We strive to make customers, at all levels of knowledge, feel welcome and safe. We won't judge you if you like buttery Chardonnay or ask for a brand name wine. We will just help elevate the experience with customer service not to be forgotten.

Come on in or give us will be life changing!