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Available now from the latest NYTimes 20 under $20

Available now from the latest NYTimes 20 under $20

Find some of the wines from Eric Asmiov's latest 20 under $20 roundup in the NY Times here at Some Good Wine! See Eric's descriptions below for wines we have in stock now. 


Eric Asimov 20 under $20 wines

Grosjean Vallée d’Aoste Torrette 2019
I’m always intrigued by the wines of the Vallée d’Aoste, a hilly, Alpine region that sits on the border of Italy and France. I especially like those from Grosjean, an excellent organic producer year in and year out. The Torrette is a lively red, with good acidity befitting its high-altitude site, and classic Italian dry red fruit flavors. It’s 80 percent petit rouge, with the remainder made up of other local grapes, like fumin, mayolet and Doucet. If you like this one, look for other Grosjean varietal wines made of the cornalin and fumin grapes.
Find it here at Some Good Wine

Casa de Saima Bairrada Baga Tonel 10 2018

The maritime Bairrada region of Portugal, with its limestone soils and host of indigenous grapes, has gained a reputation as a source of compelling wines. This red from Casa de Saima, made with the baga grape, is an excellent example. It’s graceful and soulful, with earthy flavors of red fruit. Casa de Saima, a small family winery, farms biodynamically. The wine was fermented in concrete lagares, traditional vats more typical of the port region, and aged in big, old oak barrels.
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