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2022 Los Bermejos Rosado

2022 Los Bermejos Rosado

This is not a Star Wars or Planet of the Apes set, but a photo from one of the most amazing, eyeball popping wine terroirs on the planet. Lanzarote, Canary Islands is a geographical amazement of millennium old, hot, black volcanic sand.  I have had the pleasure of visiting this specific site in the photo and sticking my bare feet in the huils (Spanish for trenches in which the grapes are grown to keep out the black sand) and can testify to it's sheer magnificence.  If you are on the East Coast, this photo could be yours with a 5 1/2 hour flight to the capital Tenerife and a quick 30 minute flight here.  Not to be missed!

On the island of Lanzarote, there is one winery that stands out above the rest and is known for their iconic Italian olive oil wine bottles.  Los Bermejos is owned by the soft spoken (what is the word for someone who constantly keeps your glass full and gets upset if you drink less than12 glasses over dinner?) Ignacio Valdera, who is a wine genius that has been able to make world class wines with so little at his disposal.  Even though these are so well known, the island is tiny and is one of those situations where if these became too popular, there would never be enough.  

Out of all the wines from their lineup there is none that has been so iconic and in such demand than today's special: 2022 Los Bermejos Rosado.  We carry anywhere from 50-100 roses at any season and none is more in demand with people ordering from all over the country––even out of summer!  Vogue considered it one of the best roses as did Bloomberg and of course our good friends at the Times.  

Yes, the bottle is really cool and that might have something to do with it's appeal, but getting past that, the rose is beyond interesting with a true connection to the lava soil inviting tons smoke and singe on the nose with burnt fruit all over.  When they say a wine can make you feel like your traveling back to the place of origin, this is probably what they're talking about. But forget all this weird stuff and let's say you want a rose to just enjoy on a picnic or at the beach; we can do that here as well!
  • Available For Immediate Shipment End of April!

2022 Los Bermejos Rosado 
Newsletter Price: $24.99
3 Bottle Price: $22.99
6 Bottle Price: $19.99


How to get the special pricing for Newsletter Subscribers:
Call: 212.777.3151

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Jeremy Block
Owner of Some Good Wine
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