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2017 Bernard Levet Cote Rotie

2017 Bernard Levet Cote Rotie

Dear All:
This week is national Rhone week. A phrase I just made up to connote the week we get in a good chunk of our new releases from the Northern Rhone, in particular from Neal Rosenthal, culminating THIS SATURDAY! with a grand tasting of 25 Rhone wines.  

For today, we have one of the hallmarks of Some Good Wine: Bernard Levet. A producer––without tooting my own horn!––that I discovered at 1.5 decades ago and have sold to almost every state (except Utah) in this great country.  As most of you know, Bernard Levet simply rocks the house, in so many ways!  It is perhaps the best QPR wine on the planet, in terms of it's ageability.  This is a wine that can age 20-30 years in better vintages and perhaps more. I could go on and on, but you know I don't need to, so here are the 3 wines below, with prices that have not risen considerably, considering the 25% tariffs in place. 

  • 10% off Mixed Case Discount Applies
  • All wines are in short supply and will sell out Fast! 

2017 Bernard Levet Cote Rotie Chavaroche 
Newsletter Price: $89.99
Magnum: $199.99

Jeroboam: $499.99
The cuvee that started it all for Some Good Wine; starting in the 1983 vintage. Chavaorche is the vineyard, aged for thirty to thirty-six months prior to bottling. Ferocious wine, unique in its uninhibited expression of the smells and flavors of the appellation. No compromise is brooked here. The result is a wine that is controversial, too “wild” for many but for fans of Some Good Wine, the benchmark for Cote Rotie. Approximately 2400 bottles imported! 

2017 Bernard Levet Cote Rotie Journarries
Newsletter Price: $84.99
Magnum: $189.99

Since the 2004 vintage, this second bottling of Cote Rotie known as “Les Journaries”, a cuvée drawn from grapes harvested from old vines in the “La Landonne” lieu-dit has made it's appearance into the U.S. In comparison to Chavaroche, this wine is more subtle, more elegant and “quieter” if you will. At the same time, it is very much a Levet wine with a bouquet of violets, wild berries, a touch of animal and resinous-like tannins that speak of the inclusion of stems (a hallmark of the Levet tradition). The “Journaries” is approachable at an earlier stage than its companion “La Chavaroche” but, that being said, it is a wine that not only ages gracefully but almost requires a touch of patience. 1500 bottles imported. .

2017 Bernard Levet Cote Rotie 
Newsletter Price: $79.99
This “house cuvée” is a selected blend from all the parcels that the Levet family owns. Produced in the same manner as “La Chavaroche” and “Les Journaries,” this bottling tends to be the most open and immediately seductive of the three versions of Levet Côte-Rôtie. This easiness is relative, of course, for this bottling still impresses. Levet’s typical smoky and savage character is here counterpointed by an elegant, floral, and wild-berry fruit. 2015 marks the first vintage of this wine but sometimes it has different names. Now it is just straight up Cote Rotie. .

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