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2004 Nebbiolo @ Killer Price: One of the Best Deals This Year and We're Only 2 Weeks In!

2004 Nebbiolo @ Killer Price: One of the Best Deals This Year and We're Only 2 Weeks In!

2004 Petterino Gattinara
Folks, we have an incredible deal this week. One for the history books. To give a little background: We love Alto Piemonte here at Some Good Wine and in particular, aged Gattinara. Coming in 3rd within the Nebbiolo hierarchy behind Barolo and Barbaresco, Gattinara has the potential to be just as illuminating, and 99% of the time, an extremely better QPR (quality price ratio).
Marco Petterino is an interesting guy––to say the least––who seems to not care about time or money. What a life and with that, comes responsibility. The responsibility to make exceptional wine, that is perfectly aged and at an incredible price. Gattinara like Barolo and Barbaresco, has to wait 4 years before being released. What makes Petterino special, is that he not only makes and releases wines from vintages he deems perfect but waits until he finds the wines to be at optimal drinking level. While others around the world of wine are anxious to get them out of the cellar so they can hopefully turn a profit, Petterino prefers perfection in his wine.
I had the pleasure of trying this 2004 this week. I have had these before, but this 2004 was everything I love in aged Nebbiolo, one of the very best ever from this producer––and did I mention the price?  
The nose is showing much more than the last time I did this special on 2006.  There is a melange of dried fruit, toffee, licorice, tootsie roll pop and a massive overdose of dried rose petals with backend hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Insane earth and terra cotta liked hot baked fire coals committing adultery on a truffle. 
I breathe in, breathe out like a monk concentrating on his breath. The pearls of earth are floating around, hovering and twirling. It is a wonderful sensation to keep doing this until the person sitting across from you gets annoyed.  Long and extremely pretty palate with incredible nuance filled layers of mushroom and truffle permeation. After a sip and a reflection of how little you paid, you will grin more than (fill in the blank)
A good chunk of you ordered the 2006 from me last year and are probably wondering about the differences between the two vintages. Both 2004 and 2006, on paper, are great vintages. What I prefer about the 2004 is that it is ready to go but can last for another decade easily––if that matters to you. If you will be drinking this time, the good news is that there is tons of cool elements showing from the age, making this awesome to drink now as well. 
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2004 Petterino Gattinara
Regular Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $28.99

3 Pack Price: $26.99
6 or More: $24.99
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