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2017 Blushing Bear Rose

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Owning a winery when you're a celebrity has become quite cliche. From Bradgelina -- or what was -- to Drew Barrymore, these days are hopefully becoming numbered. But what if you were not only a super cool celebrity who played Jeffrey Beaumont in Blue Velvet  -- top three greatest movies of all time -- and Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks (let's forget about Showgirls for a minute) but actually took a large part in the winery that you owned, knew a thing or two about it and were super passionate about getting people to know about what you were doing. This person is Kyle Maclachlan. At Some Good Wine, we are big fans. Kyle has been here to sign wine bottles and over time we have become the largest purveyor of his wines in the east coast.  The fact that they are delicious helps just a bit.


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