2014 Domaine du Jaugaret Saint-Julien
$ 94.99
Crazy story. Read it here with Eric Asimov. Jean-François Fillastre, the owner and winemaker, is 100% thug life. What Asimov doesn't tell you, is that starting a few years back, Jaugaret didn't confirm to certain AOC standards of Saint Julien (mostly having to do with oak and chaptalization) and in French government repraise, swiped Jauagret of it's Saint Julian status and made....(Gasp!!!) a Vin du Table---the Dalit of the Indian caste system, Why most would be aghast with horror, Jaugaret didn't care. They have never cared about the absurd Bordeaux classification and always felt the need to make wine their own way. Producing Saint Julian with elegance, class and deep ethereal liveliness. This is left bank Bordeaux at it's most primordial;.can age for decades and is priced significantly better than the rival grand crus. This Bordeaux is a must have for any serious collector, or more importantly, for one who has given up on Bordeaux all together due to it's price and commercialization.