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2016 Château de Fosse-Seche Saumur Eolithe

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If you are thinking this might be more of the same-old, same-old Natural Wine, that is emphatically NOT the case. For neon bright fruit, spritz, and glou-glou juiciness, look elsewhere. The style here is classic and in many ways a throwback to an old style of Loire reds that is almost disappearing, the sort of wines that would be comfortable with snails and steak frites in a checkered-tablecloth bistro. That's not to say it's rustic -- to the contrary, the texture is refined as silk, just like that Poyeux! -- but it is Cabernet Franc comfortable in its own skin, with a pale crimson complexion, strong earth and tobacco flavors, and the unapologetic peppery snap that more modern tastes might prefer to bake right out of the grape. It's a master class in the entire spectrum of wild and crazy flavors that scream Cabernet Franc. And it's the complete package. Lots of Loire reds bring the funk and lots of others show polish and class. This one does both.


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