2013 Messmer Muskateller Feinherb
$ 15.99
Nose: Notes of rocky marsh, burnt wax, orange peel oil, smoke, kiwi, sea salt. There's a fun interplay and dichotomy between the intense and spice driven exotic fruit and the minerality which keeps changing. 
Palate: High acid burst reminds one of a Pfalz dry Riesling right off the bat but there is this weird exotic roundness that I've never seen co-exist with Riesling. There is punch and fat with a real down to earth mouth feel on the finish that lingers but remains consistent in it's high focus mineral driven salty edge. 
What I'm Eating: Pan-seared lemon butter Cod with basil pesto, side of mustard greens
What I'm Listening To: Dandy Warhols: 13 Tales from Urban Bohemia