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How to Understand Wine through The Walking Dead

How To Understand Wine Through The Walking Dead

Pinot Grigio (Beth Greene)

You are America't best selling wine for a reason. People don't take you too seriously. "I don't know what to get...just give me a glass of Pinot Grigio." We're not saying your simple,'s your lightheartedness everyone loves. The white wine of the prison people drank to forget about the General's advancements. You are the glue.

Fun Fact: What you thought you knew of Pinot Grigio's origins, isn't true. Pinot Grigio comes from Alsace in France where it is called "Pinot Gris." After these two destinations, the state of Oregon produces a fair amount where it also takes the French name.

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New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (Glenn Rhee)

When did you become so popular? People didn't used to know who you were. That you even existed. That little boy with the baseball cap that used to deliver pizzas and freak out over the slightest upheaval at the camp. Now everyone is talking about you and they don't mind dropping $20 on a summer Monday night to have you. When did you become one of the leaders?

Fun Fact: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc was one of the first wines to be bottled with a screw-top. Today almost all wines use this method.

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Malbec (The Governor)

Malbec is slowly taking over the red wine world. Trying to outdo Cabernet. You will kill little children, your lover or even your sidekick for the chance to overtake the king of the wine world. You will stop at nothing to make this happen. Malbec is mostly popular because it's fun and easy to say. Just like you, monsieur General. That was the first thing you did when you convinced the village to lead you. But they don't know how terrible a person you can become. But you watch over the children at night. You are trustworthy when there is nothing else under $20.

Fun Fact: Malbec is not native to Argentina, but originally from France. In the South West it is from a village known as "Cahors."

It is also a blending grape in Bordeaux and seen in Loire Valley where it is called "Cot."

Buttery California Chardonnay (Lori Grimes)

You make best friends (spoiler alert) fight to the death just to be the one who calls you their lover in this loveless apocalypse. The trend is to get away from you and move closer to Burgundian/unoaked styles. It doesn't matter. You look flawless. The more days without a shower the better.

Fun Fact: The "butter" in a cougar Chard is not necessarily stemming from the oak but from malolactic conversion; changing the malic acid into lactic acid. A byproduct is a compound called diacetyl which provided these sensations. Hope we still have you with us....

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Riesling (Carol Peletier)

When you're sweet, there is nothing sweeter. The cooking, the cleaning; shooting the rocket into the prison to free your group from cannibals and then baking cookies can be everyone's sweet mother. But you have a dry side. Sure you might light some sick people on fire from time to time; but in the end, you are delightfully sweet. Meant for the gushy ones who need a little in this time of melancholy. You have a lot to give!

Fun Fact: Not all Riesling is sweet. Alsace Riesling has a bit more body to it while the notorious German ones are higher in acid with more minerality.

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Red Burgundy (Michonne)

Okay, we know what you're thinking and it might be cliche, but let's be honest....after years trying to figure out this sword wielding, mystical, sexy warrior, we are nowhere closer now than we first met her walking through the forest with two armless zombies attached to her arms. We will never truly understand you. What is there to say about Michonne that cannot be said about red Burgundy. There is nothing and no one one quite like you. "Mystery" would be too easy a word. As would "complex"...."mystical" or "vivacious." You can be as fierce and masculine as the jammiest Gevrey Chambertins or as sexy, ethereal and finesse driven as a Chambolle Musigny or Vosne Romanee. We will never understand you.

Fun Fact: There are 44 different appellations (AOCs) of Burgundy with several hundred premier crus and grand crus. Get studying or find another wine to understand.

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Cabernet Sauvignon (Rick)

Name the historical period. Name the country. Cabernet is king. The world's most popular wine. American's national treasure. The leader of the pact. No matter how strong other personalities come on, they cannot take over this powerful red grape. Sure, you have your times of weakness: hallucinating in the prison, unsure of how to defend the stranded tribe, how to talk to Carl as he wallows through puberty. But in the end, nothing will overtake you.

Fun Fact: While it might be the world's most popular wine, it is not the most widely grown. This prize belongs to Grenache.

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Chianti (Tara Chambler)

You are boring. We're sorry, but it's true. That straw bottle that sits in the old Italian restaurant collecting dust. It can pair with pizza, pasta and supposedly is the least headache prone of the red wines, but that's not true. We are waiting for you to do something other than whine or hurt your foot. I mean really, you should be dead by now. So many wines from Tuscany have cropped up in recent years but in the end, there is nothing like Barolo or even Sicily for that matter. They gave you a second chance after siding with the General and you still haven't produced much for us to gravitate towards. You better get real this next season!

Fun Fact: There is more than just "Chianti." For something a little different check out Chianti Colli Senesi. Cool stuff.

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Syrah (Daryl Dixon)

The hunt. Dead squirrels cooked with sage, truffle butter and herbs when you really want fresh Venison. Dirt, mud, bows and arrows, camping out by the fire when you have the chance to sleep in a mansion. Bring on the animals. Bring on the hunt. Bring on Syrah.

Fun Fact about Syrah: You probably already know that "Shiraz" is the same grape as Syrah just called differently in Australia because they're so cool. But did you know that in the northern Rhone region of France, it is not even called Syrah? They wanna be super sneaky so they call it by the village: Crozes Hermitage, Cornas, Cote Rotie, etc. But they're amazing.

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