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2018 Giulliaume Gilles Cornas

por Rosenthal
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Guillaume’s flagship Cornas comprises three separate parcels, all within the renowned vineyard of Chaillot, planted between the early-1950s and the mid-1970s: lower-lying Combe de Chaillot (vinified and bottled separately until the 2015 vintage), with its sandier soils, offers more straightforward fruit; steep Les Terrasses, high up on the slope and poor of topsoil, contributes a granitic mineral sizzle and an intense spiciness; and the also-terraced Grandes Mures, with its ideal sun-soaking southward exposition, provides sumptuously dark-fruited contrabass notes and enhances the final blend’s overall volume and structure. Guillaume vinifies and ages each parcel separately, combining them after an eighteen-month élévage in a mix of 400-liter and 600-liter oak casks of between five and fifteen years of age.